toothache, the solution

toothache, the solution

Do you know that kind of toothache where you just want to take it out? Well, it was about to happen

Over a year ago I told you about my toothache from hel. The molar was about to be pulled when it got cancelled due to a power out in my area. Just to be sure I went for a second option and ended up at the endodontist.


There I went, to the specialist. Afraid and scared because I always have issues. It never goes smooth and there is always more to it then just the treatment. When going there I was just thinking how much easier it would have been if the molar was just pulled out, but the aftercare would be scary and expensive too.


What a word.. this is the specialist I ended up going to, the endodontist. It’s a specialist who uses a microscope to look inside your teeth. With this technique he would do the root canal treatment all over again. He assured me that 99% of all cases can be repaired and will heal once the bone grows back. Bone? Seriously, is that a thing too?

three treatments

Oh such joy, I got to go back for three times. And not just in and out, the first visit was already 30 minutes. The offer I received was the same amount as a nice short all inclusive mini vacatie but hey, it’s my teeth right? The second treatment took almost two hours: t-w-o hours! After about 45 minutes I had to pee so badly that I was only focussing on my bladder and forgot the choking feeling and the drooling. Read: I was finally relaxing a bit. The final appointment took about an hour.

check up

After about seven months I had to come back for a check up. It all looked fine and the bone was healing as expected. Learned another thing. I’m so happy that these things are possible, I don’t think about it too often. Some how that power out was meant to be. Unfortunately I already been back to this specialist for a new problem, I told you I always have issued!

do you also have issues with dentists & co?

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