tempting red

tempting red

This tempting red outfit will make you look like a real vamp

Since Valentine’s Day is coming up you must be ready for that hot date and what better then tempting red? Make sure your closet is prepared, either with your admirer or you long time lover. Let’s celebrate love, why not?

tempting red

Act all surprised when you’re asked out and just say something like “oh, let me quickly change”. In the mean time you go to your closet and take out the whole outfit in one go as it was waiting for you. Who cares, it’s not like anyone is checking your closet right? Even better, if that gorgeous date is not coming don’t worry. This tempting deep red goes up to size EU 50 (UK 22) and is perfect for all other days of the year too! Wear this now with tights or in spring with bare legs and  open shoes. This gorgeous burgundy color is here for a while now and will stay even longer. The dress is very flattering for all figure shapes because of the V-neck, why not show a little cleavage? Because it’s a wrap effect you can adjust the shape of the neckline yourself depending how much you want to reveal. A vamp outfit is complete with the right accessories, like this lovely purse, necklace and hat. The lips in red is always a good idea. These shoes are perfect, these leather open shoes can be worn the whole year. Now you can wear it with these sexy stockings which go up size EU 58! And uh.. tell me how that date went! This is a featured post. To go shopping please click the items below.

Dress BonPrix | hat Miss Selfridge | necklace Zalando | lipstick MAC
bag Picard | stockings BonPrix | shoes Billi Bi

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