Target shows real women

Target shows real women

Target shows real women in their latest swimwear campaign. Bloggers with different body shapes show off the collection, with success.

A great addition to the current size diversity campaigns, this add from Target. Just like in real life, the campaign shows different women with different body shapes. When you’re shopping for swimwear it’s not a matter of “oh, I’ll just take that one”, no it has to fit properly and you have to feel good in it. According to stylist Zanna Roberts Rassi there is swimwear for each body type and shape.

Target shows real women

There is a fun promo movie where you’re introduced to all the ladies. The movie is called Target Loves Every Body. The bloggers tell their least favorite parts of their body and the parts which they want to emphasize. The stylist helps them choosing the right items and tells us why. From left to right, these are the bloggers participating Nashelly Messina, Nikki Minton, Sarah Boyd, and Chantè Burkett. Each of them wears a bikini or one piece which they like and where they feel good in.

Holland, wake up! This is a great campaign with realistic women. No photoshopped images, no thigh gap here, a little thigh gap there. Hopefully we get to see a lot more of these size diversity campaigns soon at Dutch companies. Target is an American company and sells to all kind of customers. Unfortunately they don’t sell in Holland.

Where do you shop swimwear?

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