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sparkling holidays

OUTFITS 29 December 2016 0 Comments

This sparkling dress was my look for the holidays In Holland we’ve got the second day of Christmas. I think we’re the only ones, but I don’t mind because I love Christmas. A good excuse to extend the holidays. I loved Christmas this year! On Christmas Eve we went to Haarlem to sing Christmas carols, if you follow my instagram stories…

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RAU cosmetics hand care

BEAUTY 28 December 2016 0 Comments

review: RAU cosmetics hand care + GIVEAWAY (gesloten) When the temperature starts to drop, my hands start falling apart. I’m not exaggerating, it really happens. I wanted to show you but the photos looked really unappealing so I kept you from this. So what happens? It gets colder -not even ice cold- and I get these lose skin parts all over…

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OUTFITS 27 December 2016 0 Comments

In 2017 I go for the gold Literary. The new year is almost here and I’ve got lots of plans. For me but also for my blog! What are your plans for the new year? Happiness & healthy are by far the most important plans but starting to think about the future is also something I have to start with. I’m…

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blue velvet

OUTFITS 20 December 2016 1 Comments

When the light hits that blue velvet, it becomes breathtaking There is something magical about velvet. I fell in love with this bright blue color the minute I saw it. That glow & that flow of velvet is something I absolutely love about this dress. I’ve had the dress for a while already but wasn’t sure how to wear it.…

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dash of red

OUTFITS 16 December 2016 0 Comments

There’s something about red. When wearing it, it’s never just a dash of red It’s there, it’s red. A gorgeous color that really pops. Did you know it helps to wear red whenever you need be extra fierce? Try it! The skater skirt is the best shape. Or at least, it is to me. I love the wide fit skirts,…

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little gift

fashion & trends 13 December 2016 0 Comments

The little gift under the Christmas tree is the most precious present How I love Christmas! Each year I celebrate the first day of Christmas with my family. The day starts with a brunch and unwrapping all the gifts under the Christmas tree. We started out with just my family, five people. Nowadays we all have partners and also three…

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birthday girl

STORIES 9 December 2016 6 Comments

Happy Birthday to me! Today it’s my birthday, let’s celebrate with a giveaway Today is the day I’m blowing out 35 candles. I can’t believe it! With a blink of an eye, the years went by. When writing this I feel even older. But with age comes wisdom and I am happy with that. count your blessings Last week I…

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glitter & black

OUTFITS 8 December 2016 0 Comments

These holidays in glitter & black, but not in the standard way During the holidays it’s very common to wear glitter and black right? I love it but wanted to try out something new. Well, new to me at least. Actually, I never wear pants with a straight leg. When I found this one I just had to try it…

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burgundy & black

OUTFITS 5 December 2016 0 Comments

These colours burgundy & black are a match made in heaven A fabric like velvet has so much allure. How I love this deep red colour, it’s just perfect with black. In a dress like this I feel like magic, tempting in velvet. The right accessories make my look complete. I got this purse during the Paul’s Boutique Exclusive Style Bloggers Event and…

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