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leopard in liverpool

OUTFITS 18 September 2017 1 Comments

Red, gold & leopard print in downtown Liverpool, the perfect plus size proof shopping city! While it was raining cats and dogs here in the Netherlands, we were running from shop top shop in British Liverpool. I love this city but let’s talk about this later. In the street of our hotel there were cute corners everywhere. A perfect place…

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trends 2017: flowers

fashion & trends TRENDS 27 March 2017 1 Comments

In spring of 2017 you will find a true sea of flowers, literally Flowers, as far as your eyes can see. Why not, a sea of flowers always make me happy so I love this trend. Fashion tells us this season to choose happiness and to wear flowers, as print, allover print or placed print and even embroidery. It can be a…

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love for denim

fashion & trends TRENDS 20 March 2017 1 Comments

In the summer of 2017 we share the love for denim, and lots of it too It’s March so you might think I’m losing my mind, talking about summer but that’s not the case. Before you know it ut’s summer and we’ll be ready for the trends of 2017. With summer on my mind I checked out the trends and…

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trend alert: pleated skirt

fashion & trends TRENDS 13 March 2017 1 Comments

Did you find yours already? The perfect pleated skirt Only since recently do I fully appreciate the pleated skirt. Not because I don’t like this, I love them and have always done, you know I’m a preppy girl. As a fashion lover I always look out for new trends but with this skirt I expected to have to skip it.…

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OUTFITS 17 January 2017 2 Comments

monochrome in black and white There’s something about the new year. I know we’re in the middle of winter but it feels like spring is on its way. Perhaps it’s because of my passion for fashion. Sale is almost over and the new collections are about to hit the stores. Fashion brands refer to these collections as “pre spring” or…

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