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3 jeans, 3 styles

fashion & trends 20 February 2018 1 Comments

Three different jeans, three different styles It doesn’t matter what your figure shape is, how tall you are or which size you wear. Finding the perfect pair of jeans can be hard to find. There’s a denim deal at ms mode this month and they asked me to pick my three favorite pair of jeans! watch my shopping haul here:…

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extraordinary personality

OUTFITS 30 January 2018 1 Comments

When it comes to fashion I’m an extraordinary personality, but matching as always! Well, it’s not that I’m that extravagant however I am extraordinary. I know what I like and I know what I absolutely don’t like. That said, I never shop whole outfits, I buy loose items. An outfit just pops up in my head and it’s often a…

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Fashion Recap: April 2017

OUTFITS 1 May 2017 2 Comments

In April it became clear what I mean by fashion schizo Sometimes I use the term fashion schizo because it’s simply the best explanation to what I try to say. Though I find it difficult to say this ‘out loud’ on my blog because I don’t want to offend anyone who is suffering with this disease. In April I wore different looks,…

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preview F/W 2016

fashion & trends 6 October 2016 1 Comments

Last month I went to the Curve Fashion Festival and got to see the preview F/W 2016 collections of the plus size brands The shops are filled with new collections and fall is showing, leafs are falling and the weather is turning colder. A new season, a new collection. From what I’ve see on the fair, I can’t wait for the new collections…

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kimono blazer

OUTFITS 17 August 2015 0 Comments

My style is casual chic: sportive items combined with classics. So what’s a kimono blazer, casual or chic? Well it doesn’t really matter, it’s all about how you style it. In each new collection there is some form of kimono style added the last few years, in different ways. So what’s a kimono, other than Japanse? You can recognise it…

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