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‘70s retro look [outfit]

OUTFITS 2 September 2015 1 Comments

Sometimes I joke that I was born in the wrong year. I love the ‘70s. When I When I saw this dress I thought immediately that’s so ’70s and I love it! The print, the colors, the fit. It has my name written all over it. By now you know my love for the ‘70s style fashion. It’s not the hippie…

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Me sarcastic? Never

OUTFITS 13 July 2015 3 Comments

I couldn’t resist this t-shirt, so typically me! Me sarcastic? Never! How about this shirt! Isn’t it amazing, I really love the text though I’m not always a big fan of statement tees. Often the text is lame or the fit is poor, but this one is just perfect. I’ve paired the tee with printed joggers, comfortabel and fun. Just how…

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bikini trend

OUTFITS 17 June 2015 1 Comments

A real dare to wear movement is going on, the bikini trend for plus size women. With slight hesitation I show you my bikini outfit. In the past I would wear bikini’s, no problem. Often I would spend my days on a lonely beach somewhere in Asia, where I would feel comfortable to do so. On busier beaches I don’t…

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a reply from H&M

STORIES 3 March 2015 0 Comments

Last week I have sent a letter to H&M to share my frustration about the sizing of the Plus department. Today I got a reply from H&M! Actually I am not the type of person who would ever write a letter to a brand telling them I am not satisfied with their product. Normally I would just think it’s me…

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STORIES 12 February 2015 0 Comments

Time to stop body shaming. If you like it, wear it! #stopbodyshaming The past few weeks I have shown you three ways to wear plus size faux leather shorts. Once the brands’ Facebook published these photos many negative comments were given. Everybody can have their opinion and you don’t have to like what I wear, but you can stay polite.…

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