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preppy & animal print

OUTFITS 6 October 2017 1 Comments

Switch season, not style! In preppy & animal print on one of the last days of summer The number of items with an animal print is growing in my closet. It took me a while to accept these prints but now I am hooked.  I couldn’t resist to combine it in my own preppy way with high heels and light…

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festival vibes

OUTFITS 13 June 2017 0 Comments

This look gives me festival vibes, looking forward to dancing in the sun with a drink in my hand. Let’s go! The festival season has started and the weather has been great over here in Holland. Dancing in the open air, drinks in the sun and lots of fun is what a festival means to me. I was longing for…

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Victoria Beckham goes plus size

fashion & trends 14 April 2017 0 Comments

Fashion designer Victoria Beckham launches a collection which will be available in plus size as well She might not have been my favourite Spice Girl but she was the most fashionable one of the group. By now Victoria Beckham has been fully accepted in the fashion world and she’s become one the greatest British designers. Her style is clean, minimalistic sometimes…

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Mallorca shopping: October

fashion & trends TRAVEL 4 October 2016 0 Comments

On the beautiful island Mallorca I cold finally try out the whole collection of October, have a look We went on holiday my style. A super last minute, we booked just a flight three days before take off and no hotels booked. The plan was to go to a new destination but that plan failed. Again Mallorca. An island of Spain…

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marsala in summer

OUTFITS 26 May 2016 1 Comments

When the sun is high in the sky it’s time for marsala in summer When you read my blog you know I love this trend color marsala. It comes in so many different shades. After the dark and deep shades in winter it’s now time for the light and warm shades for marsala in summer. I love this color and it…

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singing in the rain

OUTFITS 6 April 2016 0 Comments

Planned a sunny day in spring, in stead I’m singing in the rain in my polkadot raincoat I had it all planned out, my perfect polka dot coat combined with my new yellow handbad amongst the most beautiful flowers, daffodils. What was I thinking? I live in Holland, where it often rains. After rain comes sunshine, and it did. A…

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black elegance

OUTFITS 13 December 2015 0 Comments

This lovely dress is really a form of black elegance. Simple, stylish and sexy. Sometimes you find a dress and you know this is going to be a long term relationship. Stop laughing, I mean it! Such a dress which you can wear to any occasion, made from everlasting beautiful fabric and a shape that really complements a women’s figure, simple…

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vandaag is rood

OUTFITS 15 November 2015 1 Comments

Vandaag is rood de accentkleur bij deze zwarte outfit voor wat extra pit. Ben je er klaar voor? Rood is een krachtige kleur en ik merkte dat ik eigenlijk zelden rood draag. Natuurlijk wel op mijn lippen of nagels, maar nooit als outfit. Waarom eigelijk, geen idee? Het is een power kleur, ze zeggen dat wanneer je rood draagt je…

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in de straten van New Delhi

OUTFITS 2 November 2015 2 Comments

Waar de vrachtwagens bont beschilderd zijn, de zon altijd schijnt en rijk & arm samen leven. Nieuwe blog op locatie: in de straten van New Delhi. Vorige week ging ik op zakenreis naar New Delhi, India. De perfecte locatie voor originele foto’s van mijn outfits. Elke keer is het weer een feestje om naar dit land af te reizen, het is zo’n mooi land,…

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