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cosmic girl

OUTFITS 19 December 2017 0 Comments

Back to the future, or just looking back to last Saturday went I was a cosmic girl shopping in Rotterdam? It was somewhere late 1990’s when we assume that in the year 2000-and-something we would all look very futuristic, in silver and such. Well, that kind of applies for 2017 and surely for 2018. Silver, metallic, shimmer and sequins are…

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OUTFITS 17 July 2017 1 Comments

As predicted, silver skirts in the new millennium Years ago, when I was just a little Josine the year 2000 was still far away. What would the new millennium bring us? In the future all is digital, we talk to robotos and wear silver garments, that was the assumption. In a way it was quite accurate. It’s funny how certain items…

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