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OUTFITS 26 January 2017 0 Comments

For some comfortable is the forbidden word in fashion Why? I really wonder why this is? Yes, I’m truly the advocate for fashion freedom, just wear whatever makes you feel good. Oh yes, I have my opinion, but you don’t have to do anything with this right? Unless you specifically ask me about it, in that case I’d love to talk about the…

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black frills

OUTFITS 13 January 2017 2 Comments

A little extra fill never hurt nobody Last week I was on the hunt for a new jumper. That moment when you search for something and then.. you find something even better. Life doesn’t get much better! That’s how I felt when I found this jumper. Back in black, my latest addiction. This little number, beautifully fine knitted, with ajour and…

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lady like in white

OUTFITS 10 September 2016 2 Comments

I felt all lady like in white, wearing this cupcake of a dress White is actually my favorite color though I don’t wear it as much. I love dresses but when wearing white, you often get that wedding kinda feeling. Since my life is based on the character of 27 dresses – the movie, I don’t see myself wearing a real…

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last days of summer, off shoulder dress

OUTFITS 31 August 2016 0 Comments

Let’s enjoy these last days of summer and wear an off shoulder dress with a Spanish touch This summer it’s all about showing your shoulders and that’s what I did with this cute off shoulder dress, which I shopped on sale by the way. I was so happy when it arrived (yes I shopped online, again!) and it fitted me…

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lace bomber

OUTFITS 11 August 2016 0 Comments

denim, off white and blue tones for summer Well I could be spending my summer days on the beach but the weather is just not that good in Holland. The good part is that the shops have plenty of sale going on and the new collections are coming in too. A great moment to go treasure hunting, and so I…

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