Tag: Ripped jeans


OUTFITS 10 January 2017 0 Comments

The return of the mac When you’re heading for spring but it’s not really there yet, we’re in transition. Almost here, what do we wear? A mac is a lighter jacket or (rain)coat and perfect for those ‘in between’ days. Though this might not be a raincoat, it’s perfect for the days of spring. And now, when layering it up!…

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lace bomber

OUTFITS 11 August 2016 0 Comments

denim, off white and blue tones for summer Well I could be spending my summer days on the beach but the weather is just not that good in Holland. The good part is that the shops have plenty of sale going on and the new collections are coming in too. A great moment to go treasure hunting, and so I…

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military jacket

OUTFITS 7 May 2016 2 Comments

The military style, in ripped jeans & army jacket On one of the first sunny days of spring I went for a casual Sunday. An army jacket styles with ripped jeans, very casual. But with heels, because that’s my thing. I love mixing styles but I always want to keep it feminine. The good part about the military trend is…

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