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military blue

OUTFITS 24 October 2016 0 Comments

This season I just go with the fashion flow, wearing the military look Sometimes life is perfect! When it comes to fashion, at least. I love the current trends and don’t have any trouble finding my favrorite pieces. Today’s look is all about military in blue, with a femine touch. Just like me! My blog break was something I really…

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OUTFITS 13 October 2016 2 Comments

Preppy all the way in these houndstooth on the hips and cherry on my lips Oh yes I know, don’t emphasize your biggest parts. Well f*ck the fashion rules, today I’m wearing what I like! This preppy skirt from houndstooth tweed is my look for today. Sorry to start off so rude, but there has been so many judgmental comments…

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colors of fall

OUTFITS 2 October 2016 2 Comments

The leafs falling from the trees, the wind picking up, time to wear the colors of fall Even though this September might be one of the warmest ever, you can see fall around the corner. Slowly the leafs start to fall from the trees, it’s getting chilly outside and the wind is picking up. Though I love those summer days,…

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who’s that girl

OUTFITS 26 September 2016 0 Comments

Take a closer look. Who’s that girl on theBiggerBlog? Changed hair and casual wear. A completely different look today! Just like my outfits, I like to change my looks as well now and then. Sometimes I just feel like doing something completely different. I always joke being a fashion schizo and this is one of those examples. Will you let me…

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cold shoulder

OUTFITS 14 September 2016 0 Comments

Here’s to black lace and the cold shoulder look During my trip to Liverpool I couldn’t resist to shop! This is absolutely not what I intended since I’m attending 40Days40Outfits challenge! Though I was a lot more conscious about what I was shopping. I didn’t buy just whatever I liked, I thoroughly thought about it and made a clear decision.…

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lady like in white

OUTFITS 10 September 2016 1 Comments

I felt all lady like in white, wearing this cupcake of a dress White is actually my favorite color though I don’t wear it as much. I love dresses but when wearing white, you often get that wedding kinda feeling. Since my life is based on the character of 27 dresses – the movie, I don’t see myself wearing a real…

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spicy mustard musthaves

fashion & trends TRENDS 8 September 2016 0 Comments

Get ready for fall and wear these spicy mustard musthaves this season It started last winter with tones of yellow and it became even more popular in spring in a, but in fall of 2016 this mustard tone is the accent color you need in your wardrobe. I’m naming it spicy mustard as this is the given accent color name by pantone, which…

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