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beach vibes on my mind 

OUTFITS 1 August 2017 0 Comments

Sand, sunshine and sea.. a day at the beach in the south of France. Summer time, a sea breeze and enjoying some much needed rest, I’ve got beach vibes on my mind Such a day when it’s warm but not extremely hot, a little breeze and some clouds. To me this is the perfect beach day. Recently I went to…

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zig zag

OUTFITS 19 June 2017 3 Comments

When me eyes caught this dress in graphic zig zag print, I just had to try it on.. and bought it! You might not believe me when I tell you I don’t have any summer dresses in my closet. Just fancy dresses for a dinner party or very casual to go to the beach. Nothing for just daily basis. When…

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embroidered flowers

OUTFITS 23 March 2017 0 Comments

My love for embroidered flowers, back in black on a sunny day in spring Something you see everywhere now are embroidered flowers, on everything you can imagine. I love some old fashioned flowers and when I spotted this dress it was love at first fashion sight. Though I had some doubts on how this style would suit my, so I…

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true love never grows old

OUTFITS 14 March 2017 2 Comments

It was only until I tried on these jeans and I realised that true love never grows old It might sound very cliche but it’s really true. Back in the ‘90s I remember I really wanted something, which was the first time ever, but really want it. It was a Levi’s 501 and I got it, I remember being so happy…

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OUTFITS 14 February 2017 5 Comments

Love is in the air with butterflies on Valentine’s day In Holland we have this expression that we feel butterflies in our stomach when we’re in love. After all those years, he still gives me this feeling so Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to celebrate love. Of course I know it’s officially to show your secret love how you…

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