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chic in sweatpants

OUTFITS 14 November 2016 2 Comments

This year no sequenced dress or skirt, no these holidays I’m chic in my sweatpants Some trends I just embrace immediately, just like this one, the sweatpants. If you style it the right way it looks like you’re wearing actual pants. I love it, because it’s like wearing pyjamas and still looking like a boss lady. You these type of trousers…

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who’s that girl

OUTFITS 26 September 2016 0 Comments

Take a closer look. Who’s that girl on theBiggerBlog? Changed hair and casual wear. A completely different look today! Just like my outfits, I like to change my looks as well now and then. Sometimes I just feel like doing something completely different. I always joke being a fashion schizo and this is one of those examples. Will you let me…

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