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break the rules

OUTFITS 23 October 2017 0 Comments

Forget all those fashion rules this season and just break the rules! We’ve all heard it so many times that we automatically follow some standards. Always wear something over the hips, make sure it’s not too tight. It has to be flattering, and so on and so on. What if you just forget about all of that and just wear…

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cold casual

OUTFITS 22 December 2016 2 Comments

What to wear when it’s cold outside? My idea of a casual look People sometimes ask me if I “always look like that”. Like what? Oh, you mean all dresses up? Yes. Everyday is a fashion party to me, depending on my mood I go for casual and comfortable or for fashionable chic. A while back it was around zero…

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burgundy & black

OUTFITS 5 December 2016 0 Comments

These colours burgundy & black are a match made in heaven A fabric like velvet has so much allure. How I love this deep red colour, it’s just perfect with black. In a dress like this I feel like magic, tempting in velvet. The right accessories make my look complete. I got this purse during the Paul’s Boutique Exclusive Style Bloggers Event and…

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this dress stole my heart

OUTFITS 25 November 2015 0 Comments

Perhaps I am the only one and I am making a complete fool of myself, but I can really fall in love with a garment. Strange but true, this dress stole my heart. A little collar, cute. A fitted top part and a cut seam at waist. Perfect! The wide flare skirt with pockets. Can it be any more perfect. Oh…

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