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OUTFITS 10 January 2017 0 Comments

The return of the mac When you’re heading for spring but it’s not really there yet, we’re in transition. Almost here, what do we wear? A mac is a lighter jacket or (rain)coat and perfect for those ‘in between’ days. Though this might not be a raincoat, it’s perfect for the days of spring. And now, when layering it up!…

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hey, it’s okay

STORIES 20 July 2016 0 Comments

It sometimes happens to me that I’m thinking to myself and think “hey, it’s okay” Do you know the column in Glamour magazine? Often when I read this I recognize almost all topics. Or not but I can relate to it. A few days ago I did something stupid as usual and I noticed that my first reaction was hey,…

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let’s get personal #2

STORIES 26 March 2016 0 Comments

How was my week and what am I looking forward to? Let’s get personal! As promised you in my earlier post with fun facts you didn’t know about me, here is my personal blog. The past few month I have been running around like crazy. From my job back home working on my blog, or going out for fun things for…

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Miss Etam jeans

OUTFITS 16 February 2015 0 Comments

One of the best basic items, a grey jeans. It matches perfectly with a black and white outfit. I tried on these grey miss etam jeans When I received my parcel it was wrapped in such a fun way. It was a no-brainer what was inside, a pair of jeans. When miss etam asked me to review a pair of…

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