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casual christmas, comfortable & glitters

OUTFITS 5 December 2018 2 Comments

A festive outfit for the holidays and yet comfortable, the perfect casual Christmas look. And even better, I will still wear it after the holidays! Finally it’s december, my favorite month of them all! The holidays are coming and I love to dress up a little more this time of year. I absolutely love sparkles and glitter but I don’t…

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wind speed 8

OUTFITS 5 May 2017 0 Comments

How I love the Dutch city Haarlem but shooting photos with wind speed 8 can be a tough one The sun was shining and we decided to go to Haarlem, run some errons and have a drink. It’s such a beautiful city, I love straling around. All happy with my new dress we went over there but soon my outfit appeared…

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crossbody love

OUTFITS 7 April 2017 0 Comments

There’s a new meaning to love; it’s the crossbody love of handbags Did you hear that yoke where Josine goes shopping and promises not to buy anything? During my -I’m not buying anything- day I returned these jeans, as I ordered double sizes. Returning by mail costs me money so I decided to make a day out of it. Oh…

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cold casual

OUTFITS 22 December 2016 2 Comments

What to wear when it’s cold outside? My idea of a casual look People sometimes ask me if I “always look like that”. Like what? Oh, you mean all dresses up? Yes. Everyday is a fashion party to me, depending on my mood I go for casual and comfortable or for fashionable chic. A while back it was around zero…

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fall favourite look

OUTFITS 31 October 2016 0 Comments

When I surprise myself with my new fall favourite look Does this only happen to me? I shop something and not sure if I really like it, or when I will wear it and it ends up being one of my favourite outfits? This happens to me all the time. I guess that’s also the answer to why did you shop it…

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chic in batik

OUTFITS 2 June 2016 0 Comments

Fashion is fun & sometimes really simple. Like dressing up in the dress, all chic in batik Sometimes a simple little dress can make you feel all chic. I have this with the batik dress I am wearing here. It’s a very simple shape but the gorgeous print makes it that I like it so much. I love this batik…

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