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casual christmas, comfortable & glitters

OUTFITS 5 December 2018 2 Comments

A festive outfit for the holidays and yet comfortable, the perfect casual Christmas look. And even better, I will still wear it after the holidays! Finally it’s december, my favorite month of them all! The holidays are coming and I love to dress up a little more this time of year. I absolutely love sparkles and glitter but I don’t…

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extraordinary personality

OUTFITS 30 January 2018 2 Comments

When it comes to fashion I’m an extraordinary personality, but matching as always! Well, it’s not that I’m that extravagant however I am extraordinary. I know what I like and I know what I absolutely don’t like. That said, I never shop whole outfits, I buy loose items. An outfit just pops up in my head and it’s often a…

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OUTFITS 26 January 2017 0 Comments

For some comfortable is the forbidden word in fashion Why? I really wonder why this is? Yes, I’m truly the advocate for fashion freedom, just wear whatever makes you feel good. Oh yes, I have my opinion, but you don’t have to do anything with this right? Unless you specifically ask me about it, in that case I’d love to talk about the…

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OUTFITS 10 January 2017 0 Comments

The return of the mac When you’re heading for spring but it’s not really there yet, we’re in transition. Almost here, what do we wear? A mac is a lighter jacket or (rain)coat and perfect for those ‘in between’ days. Though this might not be a raincoat, it’s perfect for the days of spring. And now, when layering it up!…

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covered in orange

fashion & trends 26 April 2016 0 Comments

Wednesday the country will be covered in orange On Kings’ Day all the Dutch will be dressed in the color orange, the color of our nation. Or it’s in the colors of the flag, which is red, white and blue. Or all mixed up even, nothing is normal this day. It’s a nationwide party only once a year. To be…

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