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Burgundy in Amsterdam

OUTFITS 20 November 2015 0 Comments

Fashion in the city. All burgundy in Amsterdam in today’s outfit post. A color which has got me, burgundy. We saw this color already last year, but it’s still standing. Strong! Also for the winter of 2015 this is a great color for everybody. So this dress was an easy pick, it combines great with darker tones like black but…

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MS Mode Christmas collection 2015

fashion & trends 18 November 2015 0 Comments

Check out the MS Mode Christmas collection 2015. Get ready for the holidays and check out the preview. November is halfway and December is coming. Are you ready for Christmas? Get inspired with these items from the new collection of MS Mode. Or check out the preview movie: Win €250 shopping fee! Would you like to win 250 euro of shopping…

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TRENDS 25 October 2015 0 Comments

In the new collections we see different materials, lots of them inspired by the 1970’s. These items show that suede it hot right now. People often think of the boho look with suede, the 1970’s shabby outfits but you can also dress it up very classy. Often you see the camel shades in suede but other colors are available too.…

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under my umbrella

OUTFITS 18 October 2015 0 Comments

When rain can actually cheer you up. Under my umbrella, ella, ella.. With every season comes different weather, at least here in Holland it does. I don’t mind, because with every season comes new wardrobes. Yes, I admit I am a shopaholic but like I always say “you have to sponsor the economy to keep it going”. However I would…

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Draag kleur dit najaar

OUTFITS 13 October 2015 4 Comments

Draag kleur dit najaar met deze warme tinten rose, gecombineerd met denim blauw. Deze stoere outfit is toch heel vrouwelijk. In de outfit vandaag laat ik je zien dat wanneer de dagen langer en donkerder worden, je outfit het juist kan opvrolijken door kleur te dragen. Breng het zonnetje in huis met deze warme rose tinten, heel mooi bij jeans. Deze…

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hat addict

TRENDS 12 October 2015 0 Comments

This fall you can become a hat addict like me. Ever since I was little I always wear hats, caps or anything else! Good news, hats are hot. You might have noticed that this fall is a real hat season. Hats are hot! I love to wear hats as they are of great help. When you have a bad hair day…

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layer it up

fashion & trends 7 October 2015 0 Comments

This fall we get to layer it up. Different items all matching to each other, layered up in one outfit. Great for when it gets colder outside. Today’s outfit inspiration shows how to use different fabrics, shapes and styles to make one outfit. When you layer it up you can create a different look. The faux leather skirt is smooth…

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fall forest

OUTFITS 18 September 2015 0 Comments

Changing seasons can be very charming. A fall forest with a million shades of green, brown and yellow once the leaves are falling. Another great part about the changing seasons is the fact that we can change our outfits as well. A new season, new fashion, new colors and trends. In today’s outfit I am wearing a trenchcoat in army…

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chop some wood

OUTFITS 16 September 2015 0 Comments

The check blouse is hot! No I am not off to chop some wood, I am just doing my fashion thing here. Ready for fall to come. The check blouse with a dash of theBiggerBlog is how I like to call this blouse. Or dress. Or tunic. Whatever you want to call it, lol. What’s so great about this blouse is…

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