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shop your shape, even when pregnant

OUTFITS 17 September 2018 0 Comments

The motto shop your shape, not your size is how I roll. That little size number in the back of your neck doesn’t really anything. The same applies during my pregnancy, creative shopping it is! Whoever says that maternity wear is always boring doesn’t shop the right way. I must admit, it does take a creative eye and thinking outside the…

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it’s a faux wrap!

OUTFITS 10 November 2017 5 Comments

The secret to this perfect dress is the faux wrap! You know you’ve found the perfect dress when you put it on and it’s fits. No extra belt, no wiggling the dress in place, no effort. The drape is how I want it to be, it’s doesn’t show are lumps and bumps and it even flatters. You know I don’t…

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OUTFITS 13 April 2017 2 Comments

Transparent chiffon with lace flowers and black Every now and then you have to get out of your comfort zone. And so I did! This top is made of a sheer chiffon and has lace flowers embroidered all over it. The top is fully transparent, see through and absolutely amazing! Everything about this top is amazing. Event though I am…

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ski gear

OUTFITS 9 March 2017 0 Comments

1, 2, 3 ski! Let me take you with me on the slopes and check out my ski gear In February I went on a skiing trip with my family and it was a perfect week! For the first time in years I shopped new ski gear, let me show you what I was wearing on the slopes. That week…

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black & white

OUTFITS 28 October 2016 0 Comments

Never out of style in black & white monochrome Lately I wear a lot of black. Isn’t it just the perfect color? It is to me. So I decided to show you what I wear, which is black. This time I’ve combined it with white and not looking like a waiter! You might have seen this blouse before on Edith. When…

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OUTFITS 13 October 2016 2 Comments

Preppy all the way in these houndstooth on the hips and cherry on my lips Oh yes I know, don’t emphasize your biggest parts. Well f*ck the fashion rules, today I’m wearing what I like! This preppy skirt from houndstooth tweed is my look for today. Sorry to start off so rude, but there has been so many judgmental comments…

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leopard & pink

OUTFITS 10 October 2016 0 Comments

Soft tones at the start of fall wearing casual leopard & pink knits There is something magic about fall, don’t you agree? I love the changing of the seasons, this also means changing my wardrobe. Last week cleaned up my summer clothes and out came my winter items. Scroll down to see what I’m wearing. To be honest, I don’t wear a jumper that often…

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look at those tights

OUTFITS 27 December 2015 0 Comments

Oh my, that dress it gorgeous but look at those tights.. these are even better! The above line describes pretty much how I felt when I went shopping last weekend. So I couldn’t resist to share this outfit with you. A little black dress and these gold, magic tights. This was my Christmas outfit but it’s a great New Years’ Eve…

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Burgundy in Amsterdam

OUTFITS 20 November 2015 0 Comments

Fashion in the city. All burgundy in Amsterdam in today’s outfit post. A color which has got me, burgundy. We saw this color already last year, but it’s still standing. Strong! Also for the winter of 2015 this is a great color for everybody. So this dress was an easy pick, it combines great with darker tones like black but…

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