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RAU cosmetics hand care

BEAUTY 28 December 2016 1 Comments

review: RAU cosmetics hand care + GIVEAWAY (gesloten) When the temperature starts to drop, my hands start falling apart. I’m not exaggerating, it really happens. I wanted to show you but the photos looked really unappealing so I kept you from this. So what happens? It gets colder -not even ice cold- and I get these lose skin parts all over…

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review: Black Seaweed Peel-Off face mask

BEAUTY 1 November 2016 0 Comments

Something I should use more often, a nice face mask to give my skin a fresh boost Taking some me time is something I am planning to more often. After my blog break I’ve realised I need more breaks, even if they are little. So what’s better then to start the weekend with a lovely face mask. I was searching for…

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BEAUTY 15 April 2016 1 Comments

In this vlog I teach you all about contouring For years I like to experiment with make up and so now and then I get to be a make up artist. Well, it’s one of those passions that went overboard. When I found out more about contouring I knew I wanted to do this but I didn’t want to use all…

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clean make up brushes

BEAUTY 23 September 2015 2 Comments

Essential for good make up are clean brushes For the best result and best hygiene make sure to work with clean make up brushes. Let me tell you how. Whether you are the only one using your brushes or you like to apply the make up to others too, it’s always important to keep the bushes clean. I clean my brushes every…

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Great summer legs

BEAUTY 4 March 2015 1 Comments

How to get those great summer legs? Start now, before you know it it’s summer Lots of women don’t like their legs. What’s new? But in summertime you can really show your legs, trust me. When you take proper care of your legs you will feel much better about them and you will feel more comfortable showing them. Stop staring…

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