Sunday stories: the first week of february

Sunday stories: the first week of february

Sunday stories, what did I do in the first week of February?

The first month of 2017 is a fact, it went by so fast. I love to read other blogs and I noticed I really liked their recaps of the week, so I decided to write one myself. Back when I was working there wasn’t much to write about, except 60 hours working weeks and 12 hours driving up and down. I decided it wasn’t much fun to write about, now it does!


I’ve decided to add more topics to theBiggerBlog because bigger might address plus size, but it’s also about diversity. Fashion will always be my biggest passion, besides beauty and make up. Though I’m also a big fan of healthy living, good food and other topics of life. I’ve noticed you, my reader, also love to read more about me so I’m not sure what I will write about but it’s going to be more diverse. Do you have suggestions for me to write about? 

Last week I received my very first StyleTone box, coming week I will write a review about it!


I’m not such a big fan of New Year though 2017 came like a fresh start with a positive vibe to it. It’s already february and you know what they say, time flies when you’re having fun. I found this great vacancy, the job description was exactly me, so cross you fingers for me! I’ve already got a reply that I’m in the second round. I also got a letter from the UWV (Dutch government who helps out with employment) and I need to come over for a visit. I’m nevelrouw about it but perhaps they can help me. So if anyone asks, I’m a fashion product developer, fit technician and buyer, check out my LinkedIn profile here.


fashion is fun

Spring is coming, I love the changing of the season so I can’t wait to change my wardrobe. Less layers of clothes, lighter fabrics and wearing my sunglasses more often gives me a happy feeling. This spring it’s all about romance in fashion and I absolutely love this trend. Wearing more lace, lots more glitter and added some metallics is really my thing. When you follow me on insta or snapchat you noticed I bought new golden boots, check out the little gif below. Also I posted a girly light pink outfit post with a metallic pink skirt, my fashion game is on!

golden boots


Somehow this is always a busy month, or is that because of the viewer number of days? I’ve got lots of fun things planned ahead, like a skiing trip in Austria,  can’t wait. Though I still need a new pair of pants and new sunglasses, check out below. Next week I need to go shopping for Valentine’s day, though it’s not a secret admirer anymore and it’s all very commercial, I do like to celebrate love. My mom’s birthday is coming up and I shopped such cute presents though I can’t tell you anything about it just yet!

week 5
What do you think about these glasses on me?

social media

Where do you follow me on social media? I started snapchat again because I love to watch it with others, though I decided to snap in Dutch. Don’t worry, on instagram & instastories I will still be posting everything in English so you don’t have to miss out. Though I would love to see you there, so you can find me on both apps under @thebiggerblog. Also my Facebook page went through a change, I had to post everything twice and now I’ve fused the two. I always try to drop the English link below, the text will be automatically translated anyway. The name was added as well, fine me theBiggerBlog FB page.


Okay, so this word doesn’t exist in my life, I just can’t. Normally I always keep on going and since that’s not so healthy I’m trying new things. So I decided that I can sleep in when I’ve been working till midnight or even later, I never chill on the coach and watch Netflix, only occasionally so I have to find new series to watch. In order to relax more, I’ve picked up the book I started to read during my last summer holiday (!) which I really like to do and I don’t even love to read.

new collections & vlogs

Last Monday I went to the plus size fashion fair to check out the new fall/winter collections of 2017/2018. I always love to go there and check out the new colors, shapes and some new brands. I made a (dutch) vlog about it which I hope to post next week. How do you like my vlogs and do you mind they’re in Dutch? I can also add subtitles? Let me know!



make fashion & beauty like this at MakeaGif

And today? Blogging and making new fashion photos. Enjoy your Sunday

welcome to theBiggerBlog; a plussize fashion blog with a love for beauty. A desire to travel (a lot) and recently added the diaries of a plussize mom

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  • Josine Wille 23 February 2017 07:32

    Hi Al, thanks for letting me know. And yes, got it :-)

  • Al 22 February 2017 02:52

    I’d like to see you write more about healthy living in addition to your fashion/style blogs. This recap was fun to read. Hope you got the job!!

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