stripes and flare

stripes and flare

A classic look in a new way, stripes and flare ready for spring

Sometimes you can wear classic items and turn them into something new. On the first sunny day in spring I felt like it was almost summer! The sailor look is what I had in mind for these flared jeans. A striped shirt is a real classic and suits this look well, but with a feminine touch as always.

streepjes en flare streepjes en flare streepjes en flare

With this look I wanted to go for that marina look, with the striped top and casual sneakers. Though I always keep it feminine! This striped top is from H&M regular collection and I am wearing a size XL. The lace top is transparent and gives it a romantic feeling. I’m wearing a nude color bra underneath so you don’t see the straps though the lace part. Luckily for me these jeans aren’t very long, though I am cheating a little. The Vans sneakers I’m wearing are with a concealed heel in it, ssstt don’t tell anyone.


These flare jeans fit me perfectly. The welted pockets on the back and the deep blue color gives it a smart look, but the flare and the fit makes it more casual. Often such jeans don’t fit me well because my hips are a lot bigger compared to my waist, plus a hollow back. So this jeans makes me feel so fierce, which shows in the photos. Underneath the jeans I’m wearing sneakers with a wedge. I love those, as they are comfortable, look casual but secretly make a little taller as well.

A smooth sea never made a skillfull sailor

To keep it feminine I’m wearing this top with stripes, casual but because of the lace inserts it’s more dressed. It’s not often that I wear my shirt in the waistband of my jeans, but these trousers have a nice fit and don’t show of any lumps or bumps. Obviously it was too cold for this time of year, so I paired it with a biker jacket for the rest of the day. Though it would work with a cardigan as well. Let’s hope summer days will be here soon.

streepjes en flare streepjes en flareflare jeans

This outfit doesn’t need too many accessories. I am wearing these round shaped sunglasses from Primark which actually fit me very well and don’t slide off my nose for a change. A pair of simple earrings and a matching bracelet is all it needed. I wanted to keep it clean and simple. I hope you like this daring look on me? These flared jeans are really something new.

top H&M
trousers c/o Zizzi
sneakers Vans
sunnies Primark

check out my video and see the full look

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