ready for the storm

ready for the storm

It looks like the perfect winter day but there’s a storm coming

It was a freezing cold day but the sun was shining, all appeared to be the perfect winter day. On this day I decided to go out and make these photos because the light in this time of year is so beautiful. I went where it was the clearest, at the coast. Despite the beautiful colors of the sky and surroundings, it was clear that a storm was coming. Reflecting a bit of real life.

ready for the storm ready for the storm ready for the storm

This look could be names several names, like budget look, shop your shape, 2018 trends and so on. To me personally this will be a year of change. I am determined to overcome everything and that I will be the same, or a better version even! It feels like I have conquered the greatest storm of my life. Falling and getting up again, just how life is supposed to be. It also means reflecting, looking into a mirror and seeing what’s going on and even accepting my own mistakes.

“if you want to see the sunshine you have to weather the storm” – Frank Lane

Something I often tell you that I never really shop complete outfits. I love going the racks and just check out what I like, the way I combine it is not my first concern. It’s not something I can explain, how it works between my ears because there is no logic to it. This is a good example of what accidentally happened, I shop one thing, add another and find the rest in my closet from previous collections. And all of a sudden I have a new look. The great thing about these new items is that 1- I got them on sale and 2- they are from the straight size collection. So always look beyond the size numbers, shop your shape, not your size.

ready for the storm ready for the stormready for the storm

The skirt is a sale item which I got for a bargain, I’ve shown it in my (Dutch) shop vlog. I decided a while ago to make my videos in Dutch, which I think is more natural. If you disagree and want to see it in English, do let me know! Let’s go back to the skirt, it’s a size L and goes up to XL but this fits me perfect with a UK 20-22 size. The blouse is from H&M which normally has a very narrow sleeve but I was positivity surprised to fit into a size EU 46 (UK18). How gorgeous is this red coat, which I already got last year. Check out my blog with this jacket here. The same goes for the boots, which were also on sale last year.


long blazer c/o Dorothy Perkins
top H&M
skirt Hema
fishnets Action
boots New Look


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