Did you see the video from MaxiMe Models with the #WeAreAllWomen campaign? A great way to show true beauty

The owner of MaxiMe Models, Miranda Koelemeijer fights for size diversity. She is always on top of things when it comes to plus size models. She made a campaign to show this, and how! Please check out the movie here.

Achieving size zero is an impossible task for most women. The average Dutch woman is a size 42. We recognize this in everyday life, but not in the media. There, size zero is still the rule of thumb for most. MaxiMe Models aims to change that. Owner and founder, Miranda Koelemeijer, pleads for diversity in the media as well as the fashion industry, because all human beings are beautiful, regardless of color, size or age. 


photo: Arno Nieuwhof

A great campaign to enlarge the awareness of real women. Regular models are beautiful but so are plus size models. We are all women tells us that in one hash tack! Size, height, weight, color, nothing matters, we are all women and we are all beautiful.



photo: MaxiMemodels.nl | video by Marco Edelman of Edelman Photography



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