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think big, think positive

the motto of theBiggerBlog: think big, think positive. Bitching on what you hate about yourself is easy. How about the beautiful parts?

think big, think positive

We can read a lot about body shaming, bullying and haters but how about your own opinion? Most women can name ten things about themselves which they don’t like or what they would like to see different. If you follow with the same question but ask what’s beautiful about them, they sometimes don’t even know how to respond.

how can we expect others to accept and love us the way we are, if we don’t love ourselves? 

I read lots of blogs and see Instagram accounts with body positive messages and people supporting it. I think this is a great movement and I hope more and more people will join. However when I read blogs about fashion outfits, I often read messages from women who love the outfit but would never wear it themselves. Or they like it but would to wear a cardigan or legging with it, to cover things up. I really hope to inspire women and convince them they can wear anything they like, as long as they feel good in it.

It’s a process you have to go through I guess. Perhaps it also depends on your history, have you always been a plus size or did something happened which caused it. If you accept the way you are, you will feel much better about yourself. There will always be people who know it all, who will judge you or -even worse- tell you how to solve it. Do your own thing, live your life everyday and don’t wait for you to get prettier. You are pretty. Period.

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