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Why self love is important for every woman

I received an inspiring reply on my blog from someone and I want to share my thoughts on self love and the reason why it’s so important. You might think that I am a shopaholic, addicted to fashion and have load of money to spend. Well, a part of this is true because I do love to shop and I shop too often! However, behind all of this is a true story of course.

dressing up

Dressing up is important to me, I like to look good and be representative. Showing off my features and hiding my -in my opinion- less beautiful parts is something I have done all my life and comes naturally to me. Perhaps this is also one of the main reasons I started blogging in the first place.


To combine my passion for fashion with my daily routine and show others how easy it can be to dress well, even if you are a plus size. By dressing up I feel a lot better of myself, the same works for me by wearing make up; the whole picture is what makes me happy. Though this doesn’t mean I’m hiding behind a cloud of make up and fashion, it means I like to make myself even prettier.

self love

I’m sad to read the stories of other women, that they don’t feel beautiful and that they have no self love. Hopefully I can inspire women with my blog, I guess that’s my main goal. Starting this blog has been a journey to self acceptance for me as well.

dressing upyou too

I never liked taking pictures -except for selfies- and when I started taking them for blog I realized they weren’t that bad. It literally starts like this. So my advise to all women: start dressing up and you will like your self reflection in the mirror. From liking it will go to loving and one day you think “damn, that’s me?”. Welcome to self love. There is nothing wrong with saying “I look good”. Stop being polite and offend yourself when you dress up. When someone likes the way you look accept it and proudly say “thank you”. And life continues.

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