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let’s get personal

let’s get personal

The things you didn’t know about me, let’s get personal

Over a year you can read my stories, see my pictures and occasionally hear what I’m up to. So let’s get personal, let me tell you some things you didn’t know about me. Some things might surprise you and some fun facts aren’t really surprising at all. With every comment on my website or on social media I am getting to know my followers. This way you know a little bit more about me too.

let’s get personal

My favorite animal is a panda. I don’t know why, but I just think they are so cute.

When I was a kid I wanted to become a doctor, healing people and helping them out. So how did fashion happen? I wanted to study and at that moment I decided to drop medicine. I picked out a few studies and just applied. Once accepted I tried them out and decided to stick with International Fashion Management at the AMFI in Amsterdam which I got my Bachelor’s degree in Garment Technology.

let’s get personal

I never really played with dolls, I just dressed them up and even sewed garments for them whenever my mom was sewing outfits for me. So in a way when I was a kid I already liked fashion more than I wanted to admit.

I have been together with my boyfriend for over 12 years and my biggest dream is to ever get married. Saying yes to the dress would be the only reason of course. Oh yes, and because I love Dennis, lol!

let’s get personal

I have a brother and a sister, I was the youngest growing up. They are both much more creative then I am, I came out more of a nerd.

Let me know what surprised you or what you already suspected?

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