let’s get personal #2

How was my week and what am I looking forward to? Let’s get personal!

As promised you in my earlier post with fun facts you didn’t know about me, here is my personal blog. The past few month I have been running around like crazy. From my job back home working on my blog, or going out for fun things for my blog. Though blogging is my passion, I needed some extra free time. Just for me. The last two weekends I had nothing planned and I was amazed looking in my calendar and noticing this. For the first time in weeks I could sleep in, not set the alarm and just relax. Though I couldn’t completely drop everything, we did make some new photos for the blog.

to blog or not to blog 

First let me start by saying that I love blogging but I am not just writing it all for myself. I love it when my followers read my posts and I enjoy reading your comments. Though sometimes when heavy things in life happen, like the bombing in Brussels, I wonder if these materialistic things like fashion even matter? Then I start thinking of all the things I still want to do, need to change and have to write and it becomes a little overwhelming. When the slightest thought occurs to me whether I should proceed with blogging I just start up social media and hope to get inspired.

happy moments

So, just when I was thinking nobody was reading my blog or any of my social media comments, I got two amazing things happen on twitter and instagram. To you this might sounds ridiculous -or even worse- it sounds like I am a kid who got her first Barbie. Well, grownups do have these little moments in their lives luckily. Okay, so what happened? Last week I replied on twitter and I actually got a like from Tess Holliday. Yes a like only but it made me happy! Just let me be.. Another moment was when I checked my instagram account and I saw that two of my A-list favorites started to follow me. Me? The -just started, oh but it has already been a while- me! Beth Ditto and Manon from chicwithcurves hit the “follow” button and it made my day! It’s all about getting personal and this is what made me happy.


fun things ahead

So what’s up for the coming weeks? Well of course I will be selling my treasures at the Shop My Closet event in Dordrecht on Sunday 10th of April, make sure to stop by. This time we’re planning to go for size diversity and bloggers at any size are selling. So far it’s from EU size 38 up to EU size 56 (UK 6-26). I will also be at one of the plus size boutiques here in Holland called 44&more. They are planning a fashion show for their shops in Aalsmeer and Sassenheim. You can see me on Saturday 9th of April in Sassenheim. More details will follow, but this once a year fashion show walk is pretty exiting for me! Then there will be some lovely posts coming up as I received about 3 more packages, from MS Mode, Yours Clothing and H&M! So stay tuned…


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