This is going to be a nightmare, 40 days no shopping! I’ve accepted the challenge

Of course this is a true disaster for me as a fashionista! All those days without shopping now that the new collections have arrived. A girl can look though. I made a vlog about this just before the challenge started. It’s in Dutch but I’ll explain everything here as well. Just hit the play button.


We talked about different subjects and one of them was the 40Days40Outfits challenge which we had accepted. You can see our talk about it here in Dutch, we just recorded it randomly so forgive us for the laughs and giggles. I’m curious to see if Margo will take up the challenge.


Do you know blogger Margo? She writes on and is a lovely girl from Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Her topics are very varying and she’s an open girl. She also addresses plus size fashion, like me. We met last year during the event of MS mode and we kept in touch even since. We decided to do some vlogs together and we ended up laughing continuously. It’s amazing that I could find some material to use even, lol!

you too?

It would be so much fun if you would join this challenge? It’s something you do yourself, so there will always be a tomorrow to start over again. Would love to see your outfits. Anyone can enter, all ages and body types and sizes. There is a Facebook community where you can post your outfit, or you can follow the Dutch blog 40Days40Outfits. Learn how to combine and get creative with your wardrobe.

looking for you

Do you have these items in your closet which you bought but decided not to wear yet. A few weeks later you haven’t worn it and the price tag is still attached? I am looking for you! I want to check this item with you and find a solution how to wear it. Email me with the subject misbuy including a photo and I’ll come to the rescue. Mail to:

details in Dutch about 40Days40Outfits

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