Time to stop body shaming. If you like it, wear it! #stopbodyshaming

The past few weeks I have shown you three ways to wear plus size faux leather shorts. Once the brands’ Facebook published these photos many negative comments were given. Everybody can have their opinion and you don’t have to like what I wear, but you can stay polite. Some people obviously can’t. For this reason this hashtag was set up #stopbodyshaming


I love these photos and I love these outfits. Why shouldn’t I wear this? Because I am too big, too fat, too ugly? Hell no! I should wear whatever I like and where I feel comfortable in. I know when showing your face on internet you can get reactions and opinions. Feel free to express yourself but remember you are talking to a person, not a dress doll. All of a sudden I felt sorry for Tess Holliday, who was all over the media for her signing up with Milk Models. What did she endured?

size diversity at its best

With a special thanks for Els from XLFashionFile this line up was set up. Plus size bloggers wearing a faux leather short, or different short. This way you can clearly see different body types, different heights and different sizes showing the same item. All are rocking the short! click the photo to enlarge 


This is just awesome! As a newbee in the plus size bloggers world I am so happy that we all have the same goal: if you like it, wear it. Size diversity has a long way to go, when reading such comments. This negativity turned into positive when the brand itself replied being happy with these outfits. An even bigger amount of positive reactions followed. I read each single one of them, also on my own blog: 1love to all my colleagues and followers.

#stopbodyshaming ♥ use this hashtag on social media to show the world we should stop body shaming

images: XLfashionfile.com & theBiggerBlog.com 
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