plussize tights up to size EU 64: snagtights [review & vlog]

plussize tights up to size EU 64: snagtights [review & vlog]

Is there such a thing as the perfect pair of tights? They always end up halfway my knees, leaving my legs chafing. Is that something we have to accept? After lots of positive stories about snagtights I decided to order them. Check out my Dutch vlog and first impression

what is snagtights?

The British company sells tights and shorts and ships world wide. Ordering from the Netherlands was not a problem and it was delivered within a couple of days. Besides the regular black tights they are known for the wide variety of bold colors. The reason why they caught my eye was because these tights only have one seam at center front and one at the back. This is just perfect and exactly what I was searching for! They are available starting in size 32 EU and going up to size 64.

watch my blog where I try on the tights for the first time

how did you like my vlog? Let me know if you’d like subtitling or an English vlog?

sizing snagtights

The extended sizing of snagtights is perfect but also a little different to what we’re used to. They have two different fits, the athletics fit and the curvilicious fit. Your shape dertermines which size you need. Which is a great way of getting the right size because I’ve experienced it with a friend with the same size but taller, who fitted a size smaller tights then me. Just because her shape was more straight and I’m more curved, thick thighs and big bum. That’s a size curvilicious. Are you a bit more straight, or skinny legs, than athleltic is your fit. A second sizing is your height, weather you need a short size or a regular size, up to 2 m. The final check is your normal clothing size. When all three are answered, you can order your size. Check the size table to see which size to shop.

which size did I shop?

For me it wasn’t difficult to find my size. My hips, thighs and bum are a lot bigger in comparison with the rest so I’m a very clear curvilicious. I’m 1.70 m tall and wear a size EU 48-50, so for me it’s a clear size F. Often I buy a pair of tights one size up so I did doubted it a little, but even when I’d go one size up I’d still need an F. As you can see in my vlog, this size is perfect for me.

my opinion about snagtights 50 denier & fish tights

How I love to wear dresses and skirts ever since I can remember. So you could say I’m well experienced in this! In fall and winter I need to wear tights. My absolute favorites are from Ulla Popken, as they fit me well, wear comfortable and stay nice after washing. However it does has the double seam at the back which I really don’t like! It doesn’t wear comfortable and you can see them when wearing a body con. So I normally wear them backwards but this is not ideal. There are some other brands of which I’ve tried them over the years, like zizzi and yours clothing but they’re not that nice in fit.

I ordered a snagtight in 50 denier, color black; I love when the tights show a little skin. Full coverage is nice for a short skirt but in general I love t a lighter one. So normally I order a 40 denier but these aren’t available so I went for 50 which is slightly darker then I’m used to.

  • the waistband has a broad band and wears very comfortable. It feels soft and can be pulled up high
  • a single seam, both front and back, this wears so nice!
  • the tights have a light shine to them (though I prefer matte)

shop here the 50 denier tights & watch the colors

I’ve also ordered a pair of fishnet tights in black. This has a slight different sizing system. I chose the size stunning which matches the size F.

  • the waistband is only 2 cm in height and fits slightly smaller, tighter. It’s not uncomfortable, I just really prefer wider and softer waistbands. I wouldn’t order this when you wear a EU size 52 or up (UK 24 or up).
  • the tights itself have lots of stretch and feels comfortable and soft
the images from snagtights are used with permission 
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