Sunday Stories: skiing & spring

Sunday Stories: skiing & spring

In this Sunday Stories all about my skiing trip & my love for spring

I’ve spend my week in the Austrian Alps where I enjoyed a lovely skiing trip. Together with my parents, sister, brother and all kids and partners we went to Tyrol and had so much fun! I really needed a break and enjoyed it so much, I even forgot to blog.


The best part about winter sports is being outdoor. When I’m working at home on my computer I don’t even realize that I’m indoor always. Even when someone proposes to go out, I my first thought is actually “why”? Though I did started my weekly walks outside this year so it might be an age thing?

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To breath in the fresh air, being busy all day in the middle of nature is what I absolutely love about winter sports. I love to ski, I’ve tried snowboarding but it wasn’t a real succes. Each year I have to overcome a certain fear, I’m s afraad of heights. I don’t know how it’s possible, when I see a perfect slope I know I can do it. Somehow my legs start to shake and I’m skiing down like I’m a six year-old again. I focus on my technique -oh yes after 12 years of skiing lessons I know the drill- and I find my way down.

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It’s actually possible to be ashamed of your own people, the Dutch. When on the slopes I can easily pick them out, the selfish ones trying to race, not giving anyone any space. Okay it’s not fair to think of all of them like this, and there are lots of nice Dutch people of course. Though during my trip, the only ones who were acting like idiots, being loud, not showing respect to their fellow skiers were these Dutch people. I’ve never experiences this with my German of Austrian slope buddies.


Despite my little frustration on the slopes I did enjoy myself enough to say that I came home all zen. Relaxed, I didn’t even took the efforts to make outfit photos for the blog! I really took a week off, only posted a little on snap and instastories. This way I’m filled with energy again, having so many new ideas and ready to rock!

vakantie & lentekriebels


The past month I’ve been longing for spring. It’s like since the skiing trip is over I’m ready to skip the rest of winter and start spring already. I’ve been cleaning up, redecorating my house, oh yes spring, I’m ready. During the trip we had all kinds of weather, rain and fresh snow. Though we also had sunshine and lots of it, it felt so good on my skin.

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Did you apply for the Dutch newsletter? I try to send a weekly letter showing a little recap of the previous posts. Also I love to show a little preview on the next week, even though I missed this in yesterday’s post (as I didn’t make any photos). I will show you my new ski gear, which I absolutely loved and it passed the test. Also some new trends I’m going to tell you about and my favourite shopping. Let me know if you’d love an English news letter??

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how was your week? Do you ever go skiing or snowboarding?

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