Why there is a silver lining in everything. Keeping up positive vibes will always turn a smile on my face

When you always go for the top, you can forget to see what you’ve accomplished here and now. Take some time in between on your way to the top, perhaps there is a lot to be happy about already. Even when things are down, there will always be a silver lining even when you don’t realise it. Looking more positive to the world but also to myself has helped me a lot in positive thinking.

zilver zilver zilver

Staying positive in a world with so many troubles can be hard, even when it’s only about your own issues. By realising what did went well that day, focussing on the good things can really make a difference. It’s about being positive and changing your mindset, something I’m trying to do for a while. This is also why I’m a lot less online (social media) as I’m focusing on here and now, on me. Whenever I’m feeling down I remember what I did accomplish, I think of the good things happened that day or week and I continue my business.

“too many people miss the silver lining because they’re expecting gold”

So what do you think of this look? For someone who isn’t in the office daily this is a bit dressed, so I combined it with a casual touch. I absolutely love blazers, you can never go wrong with these. The colours yellow and light grey is why I loved it so much, as well as the fit. I’ve combined it with silver, because I just love to shine (lol). The cleavage with the low V-neck is really nothing like me, but I decided to widen my fashion horizon and go for it. I just really loved the fabric and colour and I loved how it matches my silver sandals.

zilver zilver

The fit of the blazer is just perfect as it’s made of cotton stretch material and has a clear waistline. I’m wearing size EU46 which fits a UK18 and it can be worn closed as well. I love this silver top, it’s made from jersey with lurex and because of the wrap it has an automatic wrinkled effect, which I like to cover up my muffin top. It’s a size 44/46 which I’m wearing and fits me perfectly, though it’s not that long if you want to wear it all gathered up. I love how the silver matches this look and makes it a bit more casual. Though I love a blazer, it does make me look preppy in the wrong way so I always dress it down.




blazer & top c/o Bonprix
jeans c/o Levi’s via navabi
sandals Primark
clutch thrifted
earrings H&M

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