warm knits

At my place it’s cold already and when I come home I just want to step into some warm knits and turn on the heat. Luckily it’s fashion proof!

Not that everything I do has to be fashion proof of course, but I just can’t resist shopping when a new season is around the corner. I mean why not? Yes I know I have enough outfits and my wardrobe is (too) full but I just love new items and when you follow the trends, you always have a good excuse. So on request of Otto I shopped these lovely items only at their plus size dept. It’s the season to snuggle up and lucky for us, it’s totally cool to dress hot in these warm knits. I have mentioned the brand and the size range.

warm knits

You see a lot of the knitted dresses in many variations. If you’re insecure about wearing these, then just wear an underdress. Whether this is a correcting one or a regular one, it will help the drape of the knit and doesn’t show anything. A big cardigan is the other alternative, you can wear this with everything. Wear it on a pencil skirt with tights and sneakers, or over a dress. Or just the classic way, on a pair of trousers or jeans.

which would you pick?

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