Victoria Beckham goes plus size

Victoria Beckham goes plus size

Fashion designer Victoria Beckham launches a collection which will be available in plus size as well

She might not have been my favourite Spice Girl but she was the most fashionable one of the group. By now Victoria Beckham has been fully accepted in the fashion world and she’s become one the greatest British designers. Her style is clean, minimalistic sometimes but very stylish. I was so happy to hear she was designing a collection for all sizes. True size diversity, check out the teaser by hitting the play button in the image above. The news came out a while ago already but I always like to wait and truly see the collection.


The US company Target is started a collaboration with the fashion designer. The collection which they have designed will go up to US size 26 which is a European size 56. Though I don’t know how the sizing will be but from the looks of it, I love it already. It will consist of about 200 items and it will be named VBxTarget. Of course I can only check out the collection online but unfortunately most of the items are only available in shops. So that means saving up for a plane ticket!


What I noticed first thing when I opened the website, is the colours she has used. Lots of basics like white and black but combined with smashing bright colours and lovely florals. Simplicity, clean lines and classy items just like what we would expect from a collection from Victoria Beckham. Some of my favourites are the fuchsia bright classic trousers with mid fold, the color really pops out. I also like these black items with bright green prints in flowers and leafs. Though some oft he romantic items are very cute as well, I guess you could say I am positively surprised.

Victoria Beckham ook in grote maten

What strikes me the most is how affordable it is. I don’t know what the regular items cost in the US but for Dutch understandings it’s very cheap. Especially since these items are original, new and really have some daring items. You can clearly see the difference between average European brands and this US collection. Much more bolder colours, daring shapes like playsuits, shorts and cute necklines. Other then the basic V-necks for showing off some cleavage, or all full length to cover up knees. Well who knows, perhaps one day in Holland.

the U.S.

Unfortunately for me this brand is only being sold in the US, that sucks big time. I know we can order it online but with all the taxes and fees, I’m afraid it will not be that affordable in the end. So by not knowing the sizing and returning costs are sky high, I won’t take the risk. So lovely ladies from the States or women who will go there on holiday, make sure to stop by. Let me know how that collection is, I would love to know! I’m so curious about the fit, the sizing and the fabric qualities.

online shopping

Actually, I’ve never shopped online from the US for the reasons mentioned above. I know it can never be that bad, but in the end it’s a waste of money and it takes a long time. I might try it one day, but going up there seems much nicer to do! Would you like to check the collection yourself, then just click the link to the plus size collection from Target.

have you tried this collection already?

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