surprise Valentine

surprise Valentine

These items will spice up your surprise Valentine

A topic I don’t often write about it lingerie, though I often get questions where to find proper underwear. It all depends on what you like, do you love the Bright Jones’ grandma underpants because it keeps everything tucked in, or are you more of a thong tips? Boxer perhaps, and how about those bras? The everyday underwear is covered, but how about some lingerie, some truly sexy stuff?

valentijn bh valentijn plus size  valentijn plus size  valentijnvalentine valentijnvalentijn slipslipdressvalentijn grote cup

Valentine’s day

You can look gorgeous in a dress, or a cute top but what’s underneath can be just as important. Yes, for you as well, doesn’t it make you much more secure when you feel good? These items I’ve selected are available in plus size, click on each image to check out all the details of sizing and prices. In two weeks it will be Valentines Day on Februari 14th and you must be ready. Even when your love is not a secret, you can still surprise your Valentine with such a cute lingerie set right. The bodies are hot and can be worn over your bra and briefs, or even as a sexy top.

proper underwear

Did you know that red underwear is just perfect to wear underneath white and light garments. It has a nude effect, so you can feel sexy and not worrying showing off your undies while wearing  a light color. So if you need a good pair of undies just go for red this month, why not?

tell me, what are your plans for Valentine’s Day?


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