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What are you wearing underneath your skirt or dress this summer? Here is a little skirt secret.

Of course wearing bandelettes are a great solution to wear underneath dresses and skirts but perhaps you prefer to wear pants instead. Before I knew bandelettes I would wear cotton or viscose short leggings underneath my skirts to avoid chafing thighs. These are just a bit less revealing if your skirt may do a Marilyn on you, and flies up.

Another solution would be special underwear, like body shaping shorts however I don’t like these tight, synthetics things. During summer these jersey short leggings are the solution and you can find them in the shops and webshops:


They sell these white and cream color short leggings at the regular collection. I normally wear size 48/50 on the hips (which is UK 20/22) and I fit in a size L. They go up to size XL which should fit up to a UK size 24/26 depending on your body shape. I couldn’t find these shorts online but only in the shops (Holland, Belgium and UK). Here is photo but you can also see me wearing it in my blogposts.

 rokjes tip rokjes tip










This specaliased plus size webshop sells all the brands. Of course they also have such short leggings as well, from Yppig. They sell them in black up to a EU size 56 (size UK 28). navabi

Ulla Popken 

This pair of short leggings are made of soft viscose elasthane and I suspect they are slightly transparent. You can buy it in black and in white. They are available up to a size EU 60.

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Yours Clothing 

This comfortable cotton elasthane jersey legging is available in white and black. Check out the webshop, with new orders, or orders over a certain price you can get a discount, check Yours.

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This is a different type of shape but it’s also a pair of pants for underneath your garments. It’s available in black, white and tan. It’s great for those who don’t like fitted leggings. These go up to size EU 56.

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