skiing trip

skiing trip

Did you already make plans for your next skiing trip?

I have! For years I haven’t planned it and we just went whenever possible, or just a short weekend break. This year I’m going to Austria with my family and it’s already planned. Each year I write about ski gear and my experiences. I know how difficult it can be to shop plus size ski- and snowboard garments. In today’s blog I write about my tips & tricks, and where to shop for your next skiing trip.

De update shop blog met de leukste ski- en snowboardkleding[plus size proof] vind je hier

the snow pants

The most important part of your outfit are the pants. For sure. This has to be comfortable, you have to be able to move freely and of course, have to look nice. Okay, the last part is not a real must, lol. For years I have a pair of ski pants from the German brand Maier Sports, which were one of the first to offer plus size ski pants in Europe. They have an excellent fit, good quality fabrics and nice shapes. Depending on which style you like, there are often different colours available as well (in their own webshop). I’m 1.70 m and I always order the shirt lengths trousers. Luckily there are more and more brands which supply plus size ski gear. I’ve listed the trousers below:


1. Killtec via Zalando sizes 34 to 50 | 2. Ulla Popken sizes 42 to 54 | 3. Icepeak via Daka sizes 34 to 48 (multiple colours) | 4. Maier Sports via otto sizes 40 to 58| 5. Zizzi sizes S t/m XL (40 to 54) | 6. C&A sizes 36 to 50

the jacket

A high quality jacket is very important as well! This is the hardest to shop for me, because my top side is one size smaller compared to my hips. All the coats are graded, which means the bigger sizes are very long. They don’t fit over my hips and I choose a size up. This causes so much fabric on my shoulders and buste that I almost drown in my own jacket. Slight exaggerated of course, but you get my drift. I prefer to ski in a soft shell jacket or a special snow cardigan, like I’m wearing on the top photo.

shopping tips: shop your shape; when you have a figure shape like mine then choose a shirt coat. The coat has to be comfortable, just jump up and down and waving your arms when you try one on. I love to wear my Gaastra coat, the biggest size fits like a EU 48. I also shopped a coat once with the Dutch brand ANWB, some go up to size EU 52.

thermo wear

Don’t underestimate the power of underwear. For years I just wore a long sleeve shirt and a pair of leggings underneath my ski gear. What a fool I was! Once I started wearing thermo wear I never wanted to go without. It breaths so much better, it stays in its place. I was on top of a mountain in Zermatt and it was -13 degrees Celsius and I was so happy with the change of under garments! It keeps your body warm. But also when I’m in the Austrian sun, it regulates the sweat and keeps your body cool .

shopping tips: somehow it’s much easier to shop thermo wear in plus size. I like to shop these at the Dutch shop ANWB or from the brand Icepeak which is sold at special ski shops.


ski shoes

For the shoes along I’d prefer to go snowboarding. I’ve tried it once but it was nothing for me, no more words needed. Oops! The skis shoes are the only serious problem for a plus size girl, especially when you have a wide fit calves. I’ve bought my shoes a few years ago which were really suitable for wider calves. Though I have to be honest, I often fit straight size boots as well so for me it’s not such a problem finding ski boots. I wrote down my tips & tricks for the right ski boots:

♥ wear the right socks, special sports socks for skiing or snowboarding. This has helped me a lot, ever since I hardly have any issues with my feet.
♥ buy special made soles, matching your feet. You can do this is at the specialist ski shops, or even locally in the ski areas.
♥ rest your shoes locally at home. Wear them a couple of days, change them if they aren’t comfortable. Do they fit well, buy them from the rental company.
♥ keep in mind which type of shoe you wear, ask for advise at the ski shop. They probably have had other customers like you and they might be able to advise.
♥ there are special extensions for the straps on your boots. This cannot be used on each type of ski boots. I always use these on the first day, when the shoes were in a bag all summer and they fit so extremely tight. After a day or so I can wear them without.

shopping tips: I love the ski socks from Falke


Dutch shop blog 2017

de leukste wintersportkleding [plus size proof]

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