shopping in Rotterdam

shopping in Rotterdam

This shopaholic takes you along to Rotterdam for a big dose of Shop Your Shape 

Before I told you that I went away for a lovely weekend break, to the Dutch city Rotterdam. I’ve been there before many times, last time also with Nicole from Rotterdam is such a fun place to go shopping. She left end of the day and I stayed over with Dennis in a lovely hotel. On Saturday I had some me-time and of course I went shopping, again!


There are lots of cute boutiques and lovely streets but I didn’t get to that part of town, so I only went to the big retailers. I made photos of most of the items I tried on, sometimes I forgot. So I’m sorry about the quality of some of the photos, but I was in a fitting room. Hope you like my shoplog and will give you the inspiration to go shopping, even when there aren’t specific plus size shops around.

River Island

The store in Rotterdam sells a part of the River Island Plus collection, though it’s not much. A while ago I tried on these jeans in store but they didn’t have my size so I ordered them online. Returning goods is a excellent excuse to go shopping because returned by post isn’t free. They also have lovely accessoires as well as shoes, so it’s always fun to go anyway.

shoplog Rotterdam

Don’t you just love these jeans, you know I have a thing for destroyed jeans! This pair with paint stains and destroyed areas are one of my new favorites. You can find these jeans in the webshop as well, shop here. When I returned one item I had spend it already on something new. This cute little purse I just couldn’t resist and I bought it, though I have too many bags already. There were so many nice bags and even with matching wallets, you can shop this bag here.

shoplog Rotterdam


A store that always amazes me is C&A, the store in Rotterdam is huge. Its regular collection goes up to a size 48EU which is about UK20 and fits me fine. The Plus size collection I never really check, in the past it didn’t really make me happy and I must admit that I don’t know what it looks like nowadays. The young collections looked amazing but they only go up to 44. If this is your size you must go and have a look.

shoplog Rotterdam

It might not be a charming photo as I’m wearing the dress over my jeans. Just picture this with a proper pair of tights and sneakers or even bare legs. It’s also comes in taupe and here I’m wearing the largest size which is XL. The fabric is dense and has stretch so it wears very comfortable. I didn’t bought the dress as the top part fits me too wide compared to the rest which looks like a body con. Curious about this dress, you can shop it here.


This brand is not very familiar to many girls but it’s definitely worth visiting when you go shopping. Monki is known for its bold colours and lovely prints. Lots of items in the collection are oversized which makes it a perfect stop for us curvy girls. Whenever I try on the oversized items I often fit a size M, which are items from jersey or have stretch in them. Trousers and fitted items are a no go, but the rest is all worth giving a try!

shoplog Rotterdam

This is such a cute blouse but I don’t wear such pieces very often. Now that I look back at the photo I get somewhat regret of not buying it. Last time Nicole has bought this one in 2 other prints and I really love them. Oh my, well I can always get it, shop the blouse here, I’m wearing size M.

shoplog Rotterdam

Oversized is is not really my thing when it looks really too big, don’t you agree? This is a size M and I didn’t buy it, though I did love this lilac colour. The cardi is also available in black and is really comfy, though I think this would be too much of a pyjama look for me. I had hoped to wear it with tights and sneakers but no, not my thing.

shoplog Rotterdamshoplog Rotterdam

This is such a cute shirt but if you’ve seen yesterday’s outfit post with the red top, you know why I didn’t buy it. I did found the same in different colours online, so you can shop the other options here. Here I’m wearing the largest size of the top with is L or XL.

shoplog Rotterdam

This pyjama jacket is still on my mind because I like it so much! I love the short shape, the light weight fabrics and that it’s not lined so it wears more like a blouse actually. Though because of the wide sleeves I’m afraid I will not be wearing this a lot so I put it back. You can shop the jacket here. The top underneath is mesh and see through, I also regret not buying this as it would fit each jacket. I might just go and buy it, which you can find it here but in blue.

shoplog Rotterdam


There are a few stores, let’s start with that. Apparently the one in the koopgoot is the largest one of Europe which was very clear because it was huge. They have all labels and you can have a blast if you’re into these collections. Of course there was a plus size department as well but it was very boring and lots of basics. Luckily they have a large department for accessories, like these shoes which I didn’t buy though I love the color. I did check the regular collection which was a bit boring in my opinion.

shoplog Rotterdam


The store which everyone wishes was available in plus size as well. At the same time we all hate it for not making more sizes available, well I guess they’re trying with their added XXL. I always go in, have a look and something just for inspiration. In Rotterdam there are two stores downtown and I just tried on a bunch of things.

shoplog Rotterdam

When I shop at Zara I always check the arm openings, when this is large enough I can fit in. I’ve tried on this blouse in blue and white stripes and it fitted me fine, I’m wearing the largest size which is XL. I’ve found it online as well, you can shop it here. The jumper is amazing right, with the embroidery. The sleeves are very wide but I didn’t like the cropped hem so I put it back, it’s too short for my taste.

shoplog Rotterdam

scoop Forever 21

I am so exited but I don’t even know it’s true! In Holland we don’t have the plus size collection of Forever 21 in our stores, which is strange as the company has its own distribution center here. I asked the people in the shop, just trying I guess, and they told me Forever 21 is planning to add Plus range. Hopefully in Rotterdam as well as in Amsterdam we can shop plus soon!


Of course there are a lot more stores in Rotterdam but I only had a couple of hours, twice to be exact. I would love to go back and check out all the unique little shops and boutiques. Perhaps next time, as I will surely go again! Always keep in mind to shop your shape, just have a try because you’ll never know.

which shops do you love to go?

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