River Island is going Plus

Great news! River Island is going Plus. Another big retailer fulfilling a dream for curvy girls by offering their collection in plus sizes.

According to Vogue UK the retailer River Island will launch their Plus size collection in March of 2016. I can’t wait! Often I walk into the shop or check our their webshop and be all jealous, because it’s not available in my size. Well per 2016 that will no longer be the case. Finally!

“We’re excited about giving great fashion to more women, we feel this is the right time for the brand to expand our size range offering,” River Island marketing director Josie Roscop told us this morning. “Ultimately, it’s about fashion and being inclusive.”

Whether this will be globally is not sure. The article only mentions that it will launch in March of 2016 both in stores as well as in their webshop. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this will go to all countries.

River Island is going Plus

These are items from the new collection of River Island, which go up to EU size 44. I would love to see these types of clothes going up to size 24. Lovely garments, nice colors, on trend and gorgeous at any size. I can’t wait! So keep a close eye on their website girls.

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