the right size

Stop worrying what number is sewed into your garment and just wear the right size. This way you can look a lot better then you already do. Here are some pointers.

It’s true that most women just shop a size they always wear but sometimes forget to look if it really fits. Especially for women who’s bodies have changed. When you gain or loose weight it’s not just slimming down or gaining weight, your body and sometimes shape changes as well.
the right size

too big

Mostly in the bigger size range women buy a size too big. If you are fat -yes I am just saying it out loud- doesn’t mean you need the biggest size available. You need your size, always keep this in mind. How do you know it’s too big for you?

1 if the shoulder seams are falling off the shoulders (and the top wasn’t designed so) then this size is too big for you
2 if the bottom hem of a top of shirt is pleating or folding this means it’s too wide. This will occur more often with apple-shaped bodies
3 if the hip part of a skirt or trousers has bellows at the sides and you hips aren’t filling it up and it’s too big. A size smaller will be better
4 pulling down your shirt continuously really doesn’t slim you down, it actually accentuates the hips and but

de juiste maat

There is always that discussion where one says “I love that she just wears anything she likes” and the other says “Well there are other ways to look great too”. Of course it’s about your own taste and opinion. However there are some standard rules. I don’t mind being big but I don’t feel comfortable showing off all my jelly, cellulites and other flaws so I like to cover up subtly.


too small

There is a difference in being proud the way you look and not wearing your size. If you have a bigger size you sometimes have to cover up a little. Mostly these areas are the belly or for some women their thighs or but.

1 perhaps the size is right but the fabric is showing your jelly, try a different style or a different fabric
2 always check the back! Sometimes the style looks good on you but is showing all the things you don’t want to show on the back
3 wear the right underwear, with a proper fitting bra and knickers you can look a size slimmer. No new bra, then just try to pull up the bra straps
4 use the right basics. A tight fitted singlet or underdress can do wonders for a revealing fabric of a top

Where do you shop? Check your size. Even in one shop your size can vary, don’t forget. Keep in mind that some shops, especially chain stores have a fixed sizing system which focusses on their country. So German and Dutch styles often are big. However Belgian, French and Spanish sizes are often a lot smaller.


wear your size 

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