The right Bra

Looking good starts with your underwear! I am not talking about lingerie which makes you feel pretty, no I am talking about a proper fit: the right Bra.

Too many women are wearing the wrong bra. Especially bigger women. Is it simply because they cannot find the right bra or because they find it uncomfortable? For women who have gained weight or lost a lot often don’t think of buying a new bra. This is a pity, a woman can look so much better when wearing the right undies. A bra isn’t something you have to wear, at any size this is for support. Don’t think of it as a piece of fabric you hang around your chest.. And the bottoms, matching or not they should fit properly and comfortable. When you go shopping, take care of the following:

♥ a bra should wear comfortable and not be pressing into your skin
♥ the breasts should go completely into the bra and don’t hang over
♥ with the right bra you look a lot slimmer, it shows off your waistline and gives shape to your body
♥ the most important tip: the bra size you have been wearing for years might not be the right size anymore. Allow other options
♥ go to a proper shop and get advise from a sales lady. She looks at breasts the whole day and is an expert. She can help you find the right bra but also the right size

Do the test


Did you know that over 70% Dutch women is wearing the wrong Bra? According to the test:

Breasts which don’t get the right support tend to lose their shape and firmness. Wearing the wrong bra size can cause physical injuries like irritation, shoulder and back issues. Especially when exercising the right support bra is very important.


Image:, | Source:, TNS Nipo, 
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