plus size maternity wear

No, I’m not pregnant but I was wondering where to shop when you are looking for plus size maternity wear?

Perhaps you have heard about Tess Holliday and her pregnancy? Congratulations to her and her husband to be! It got me wondering though, where to shop plus size maternity wear? Well good news, Yours Clothing has just launched their maternity wear collection going up to a size UK 32. I have listed my favorites below.

shop with [plus size proof] maternity wear:

  • zalando – up to size 50 [shop here]
  • c&a -up to size 48 [shop here]
  • wehkamp – up to size 48 [shop hier]
  • dorothy Perkins maternity – up to size 50 [shop here]
  • yours clothing – size 42 to 60 [shop here]

plus size zwangerschapskleding

Basics are always essential, for everyone. So when you’re pregnant you will need new best basics. A pair of proper fitting cameos, long sleeves and leggings are good for any time of year. Colors available are black, white and a dark grey melange.

plus size zwangerschapskleding

Being pregnant and becoming a mom doesn’t mean that you can’t be you! With these simple items you can add some fashion to your maternity wardrobe. The black and white stripes are a great look for coming spring and summer. Combine it with a bright blue, yellow or red in the accessories and you’ll look gorgeous. Or just go for the palazzo pants or long skirt. Pair it with some nice sneakers and you are a hot mama.

plus size zwangerschapskleding

Isn’t this dress amazing? Makes you wish you were pregnant! This dress really makes every expecting woman look stunning. Does this feel like shopping? Check out the full collection here. Besides this, they also sell garments, shoes and accessories for plus size man and women. Though I can’t give you any tips or tricks, I think it’s difficult to shop the right outfits when you’re pregnant. It’s not just about buying a bigger outfit, it has to suit your new body shape. Hope I have inspired you today!

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