party in pink

Always go for best dressed when you attent a party. This year you’ll go party in pink, the color of 2016.

Attending a party is always fun. You get to dress up, but what to wear as a curvy girl? Don’t worry, I have made a selection for you. One of the colors of 2016 is a light pink. The items I have selected come in regular and plus collections, so check out the sizes mentioned on each style.

otto - plus size shopping: party in pink

Depending on your own style, there is enough available. Most of the items go up to EU size 52 (which is UK 22). You would think this color makes you pale but trust me, just try it and you will see that there is a shade applicable for your skin tone too. Another suggestion is to mix it up with beige, cream, white or even a brown or black. This way you can wear a scarf, a necklace or even a top underneath your item to take away the pale color from your face. If you are more into casual there is even more to choose from. Check out all the items on the webshop of Otto and select the color pink so check them all out.

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