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Follow me to London

Will you follow me to London? A couple of weeks ago I already told you I am finally going to the Fashion Capital of Europe. I can’t wait!

Finally, after seeing lots of the world I am finally going to the Fashion Capital of Europe, London. I can’t wait! You can follow me around, I will update regularly what I am doing and where. Of course a blog will follow on the must sees of plus size fashion. Most of my updates will be on instagram by the way.

Follow me to London

curvy convention

On Saturday there is the Curvy Convention which I am going to. I hope to see lots of plus size fashion brands and their collections. I am sure other bloggers will attend as well? A report will follow next week of course. I haven’t been to this fair before, so all is new to me. Let’s hope it will be as I hope it will, great.


Almost embarassed to say… Since I haven’t been to London before I imagine it to be a shopping-Walhalla. Though I am on a budget this weekend, a small shopping spree is allowed. But where to go right? For sure I want to see the plus size shops from Yours, New Look, Forever 21 and many more. Also the regular must sees I will go to, of course. Keep you posted!

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