covered in orange

Wednesday the country will be covered in orange

On Kings’ Day all the Dutch will be dressed in the color orange, the color of our nation. Or it’s in the colors of the flag, which is red, white and blue. Or all mixed up even, nothing is normal this day. It’s a nationwide party only once a year. To be honest I haven’t made any plans yet and while writing this blog I’m thinking that I wouldn’t even mind doing nothing that day. However I know myself to well and I will probably visit one of the great cities near here. So I am prepared, as always. What did I shop?

The weather will not be great so I won’t have to worry about skimpy outfits. I shopped this short sleeve t-shirt which says Drama Queen, it’s a size 48 (UK 20) which is also the biggest size by the way. This make up stick I shopped to apply on my cheeks. The big scarf -it doesn’t get more Dutch then this- is what I want to wear as a bandana. Very, very off this flag colored hair piece but I just had to have it. Oh yes and there is that hairband with the orange roses, I already have double sets going on. Well each year I buy something of this crap so I probably will find even more in the closets. Not to forget, matching nails in orange which I do love to wear. For garments I just don’t like the color orange a lot, do you?

Whenever you have the change, come on over to Holland for King’s Day

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