bra talk

bra talk

girl talk: bra talk! I share a lot with you, almost everything right?

Let’s have a bra talk because as much as I love shopping, I hate underwear shopping. Yes, there is actually something I don’t like to do when it comes to shopping!

fitting room issues

Do you know that feeling when you’re in a fitting room and you kinda already know it’s not going to fit? Well that’s my story with bras. I hate them. When LingaDore dared me to find the right fit I was sceptic, would this fit? Of course I accepted the challence, so let’s see how it turned out.

bra talk bra talk

Did you know that most women don’t even wear the right bra size? The stories women tell you to sell them are even worse. In my opinion a bra should fit like a glove, you shouldn’t need to feel it all day and it should be comfortable.

All those stories about buying it tight, it has to grow on you etcetera is crap to me. If it doesn’t fit well the first time, I will keep on wearing my oldies anyway. You can imagine that when the ladies from Bobbery asked me if I wanted to try a set from the uni-fit of LingaDore I was insecure about the fit. I send them my sizes and expected I should be returning it anyway.

bra talk
LingaDore Daily Lace uni-fit balconet bh

Back to fitting bras. So when the parcel came in I was anxious because I don’t like to write negative reviews. Especially on the bra topic, because I always feel it’s me and not them when it comes to fit. For big breasted women there a lots of options but when you’re plus size with a smaller chest it’s difficult to find good options. So I put on this bra and yes, the girth fitted well.

Okay so what’s the catch? I put on the straps, adjusted them. Yes! They fit me, kinda perfectly! Okay so what are those extras? These are adjustable buckles, and yes the halter straps fit well too. It’s a miracle, from hours fitting in a lingerie shop to going to order something in the blind and fitting well. LingaDore say they have a bra for all sizes and I can finally admit to that.

I also received a thong with it in XXL which fits me well but on the tight side. I prefer a thong as I have a very round behind and with briefs they just never stay in place. I share a lot with you guys, but my undies remain private! On the photo you can see I’m wearing the straps as a halter but regular straps are also possible.

what is your favourite Bra brand?

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  • Piya Rawat 13 April 2017 12:47

    Great – I am too plus size with a smaller chest. Most of the brands i tried so far have the right band size, but the cup sizes are so big you end up with material up to your neck. Or, the cup sizes are OK, but you put the bra on and you can’t breathe because the band is too tight.

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