bikini or one piece?

Do you choose the bikini or one piece? Perhaps the tankini an option? It’s summer, time to go to the beach or lounging at the pool. What do you wear?

Earlier I showed you my bikini outfit and I noticed some of you would like to have some shopping tips. The bikini is the real trend item for this summer, especially for the curvy girls. Are you in?

bikini or one piece?

The safest outfit is the one piece I guess. I totally understand, it covers up, has an easy fit and you don’t have to worry about anything. There are lots of great developments in swimwear and lovely one pieces are available. Strapless, tummy control and even skirts to hide the hips are in shops. These are my picks.

bikini or one piece?bikini or one piece?bikini or one piece?bikini or one piece?











bikini or one piece?

From the day I found a good fitting tankini I never wanted a one piece anymore. If only just because you can pee without taking everything off, lol. Though finding the right tankini takes some effort. I don’t know why but many brands like to make the top part too short and still showing the belly? What’s the point in that! Luckily there are longer tops, or do what I did, buy a high waisted bottom part.

bikini or one piece?bikini or one piece?bikini or one piece? bikini or one piece?


bikini or one piece?

The real summer trend is the bikini. For each body type and each size. There are different styles available, depending on what you like and what goes with your shape. Pay lots of attention to the fit, or go to a store where they can measure you. Don’t stare blind at the print, make sure it fits well.

bikini or one piece?bikini or one piece?bikini or one bikini or one piece?

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