Sometimes we forget that a good wardrobe needs some basic items. I have lined up the best basics every woman needs in her closet

These are the top 5 basics you need in your closet. If you have these, you can always wear anything.


A singlet is a great basic to wear underneath your clothing. Wear one from cotton or viscose, this is ideal for when you wear synthetic clothing. Your skin can breath and doesn’t suffer so much from the synthetic fibers. This singlet is almost like shape wear without the discomfort. It makes you upper body smooth, showing less rolls or wobbly things. You need one in black and white.

tip wear red underneath white, or a skin or nude tone to avoid shining through

short leggings 

A pair of these is always good to have, in summer when you are wearing a dress and you don’t want to wear tights, or in winter to wear over your tights when it’s really cold outside. You need one in black and white and I advise to also shop this in cotton or viscose to give those thighs some air.

tip you can also wear tights: cut them off in the length you prefer. They won’t fray!

tights & leggings 

A pair of leggings or 40-60 denier tights should be in everyone’s closet. It’s great to wear underneath a dress or long tunic. One that fits properly, doesn’t sag and has the right density for you to wear whatever dress you like. One which makes you feel comfortable in it. Choose a mousse (mat) color as well as a shiny one, they can be used for different occasions. The mat one is great for a casual outfit, like you see nowadays a lot with a pair of sneakers and a dress. The shiny ones uplift your item and makes it a bit more glamorous.

tip always wear a full length legging or tights to make you optically longer, 3/4 lengths will make you look bigger and shorter

5-pocket skinny jeans 

Yes, everyone can wear skinny jeans. Perhaps you don’t like to show off your legs, but if you combine it the right way you look a lot slimmer. I know some girls prefer a straight leg but most of the time these jeans are fitted on the calves anyway. Try to create a silhouette with jeans the same way you could with leggings. By wearing the right shoes or boots underneath, and a shorter or longer top differs the way you look.


This is the most important basic: the right bra. This can do so much for your shape and figure! Unfortunately many women wear the same bra too long, or don’t regularly adjust the slide buckles on the straps. If your chest is lifted the right way, you create a waistline and also less belly. The right bra is not about showing what you’ve got, it’s about shaping your body the right way.

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